About Backyard Lifeguards

Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety and private professional lifeguarding company serving private pools and open-water sporting events.   An authorized provider of American Red Cross® safety training programs and services, Backyard Lifeguards delivers customized site assessments and water safety education, and is the only provider of insured, fully equipped* portable professional lifeguard services for pool parties and open-water swimming competitions in the St. Louis area.

Drowning is preventable, yet remains the second leading cause of accidental death among children.  Statistics show that drowning occurs most frequently—a whopping 80% of the time—on private property.  Swimming ability is just one of many layers of protection that must be present to prevent drowning.  Backyard Lifeguards brings important aquatic industry education, services, and equipment to consumers in their own environment.  The goal is to motivate safety-conscious choices and promote steps necessary to eliminate water accidents.

Backyard Lifeguards is the only company in St. Louis providing consistent and high-quality American Red Cross water safety training and lifeguard services to home and hotel pools and to open-water sites that host adventure races, triathlons, and swimming competitions.

* Due to the risk of combustion during travel, Backyard Lifeguards does not carry supplemental Oxygen.





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