Inclement Weather


Thank you for booking!  Here are some things you may find helpful to know . . .

Inclement Weather

Backyard Lifeguards will never initiate a cancellation unless weather is universally considered unsafe for water activity.  Cancellation weather is characterized by:

severely heavy precipitation, high wind, extreme cold, electrical storm activity
(as indicated by the presence of audible thunder or visible lightning within ten miles of the site),
or any other environmental condition deemed hazardous for swimming.

If it’s breezy, cloudy, or even raining—not an ideal weather day but not a day to abandon all pre-scheduled plans—we will be there.

Before the Event

If weather is actively inclement, customers can cancel at no charge within two hours of the event start.  If it’s just “not a swimming day”, customers can cancel up to two hours before the event, but forfeit the deposit.  Once service begins, Backyard Lifeguards charges only for time lifeguards spend on site before any decision to cancel.

During the Event

In the case that inclement weather causes lifeguards to clear and close the water, lifeguards will wait 20 minutes before re-evaluating swimming conditions.  During this time, the host may choose from the following options:

  • End service, with payment due only for time lifeguards remained at the service site.  Once lifeguards have departed, service may not resume should weather clear to permit swimming.
  • Retain the lifeguards until such time as swimming may be permitted.  All service time, plus any extension past the scheduled end time, will be charged according to the published rates.