Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing Backyard Lifeguards for your private pool party!  You’re all set.

Most customer questions regarding lifeguard assignment and arrival, event schedule, supervision ratios, fees, inclement weather, etc. are answered here and in the four tabs at the bottom of this page.  Please review the information included prior to your party.

Event Confirmation

One week prior to your event date*, you will receive an email confirmation that includes your lifeguard’s name and bio.  Lifeguard scheduling is as follows:

Tues – Lifeguards are notified of all confirmed bookings at 12:00 PM
Wed  – Lifeguards may select work opportunities until 6:00 PM
Thur – Lifeguards are advised of their work assignments at 12:00 PM; hosts receive email confirmation with lifeguard name/s and bio/s.

for services booked in advance; for late bookings, confirmation email will arrive on the Thursday before the event. 

If you have any questions or changes prior to receiving your email confirmation, please don’t hesitate to email Teresa LaMora, reservation coordinator, at tlamora@Backyard-Lifeguards.com.

Service Procedure

Here’s what you can expect from your service:

  • Lifeguards will arrive in uniform 30 minutes before their supervision duty is scheduled to begin.
  • Lifeguards will find their own way to the pool via the driveway or yard; please let us know if you prefer they go to your front door.
  • Lifeguards will evaluate the pool and deck area, advise the host of any safety concerns, and position chairs and rescue equipment.
  • Equipment includes first aid supplies and cardiac care devices, packed neatly so as not to clutter the surrounding area.
  • Before swimming begins, the lifeguard will need just five minutes of your time to go over event details and the emergency action plan.