Educational Programs
Children learn ways to help others during a  Safer When Wet presentation at Sacred Heart Villa preschool.

Educational Programs and Presentations

Youth Programs

Our interactive dry-land water safety presentations for pre-school and elementary students can be tailored for any age group.  Programs inlcude:

Safer When Wet:  Teaching Water Wisdom on Dry Land
This program is FREE to preschools.  It uses water-inspired activities to encourage safe behavior by children in and around water at home.  Through pretending and play, children learn and practice simple steps to prevent water injuries.
Click here to read the brochure mailed to local preschools.  Reservations for 2012 programs will open in January.

Water: The Blue Blanket
Our signature drowning awareness and prevention program teaches children to recognize the earliest signs of distress and to respond quickly by getting help and giving aid while avoiding danger themselves.

American Red Cross WHALE Tales (Water Habits Are Learned Early)
Any WHALE Tales presentation can include all ten water safety messages below or specific selections.  Lessons include follow-up activities for teachers and parents to use at school or home to reinforce water safety messages.

In Your House or In Your Yard, Watch for Water, Be on Guard    (household water safety tips)
Be Cool, Follow The Rule    (general rules for safe swimming)
Swim With A Buddy In A Supervised Area    (staying safe in a group)
Don’t Just Pack It – Wear Your Jacket    (choosing a life vest)
Think So You Don’t Sink    (self-survival in water)
Reach Or Throw – Don’t Go!    (helping others make it to safety)
Wave, Tide, or Ride, Follow the Guide    (waterpark safety)
Learn About Boating Before You Go Floating    (boating safety tips)
Look Before You Leap    (considering the environment before you enter)
Too Much Sun Is No Fun    (sun safety)

Adult Programs

Our dry water safety programs for parents, teachers, community leaders, and employee groups can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of any organization.  Topics inlcude:

Host Liability
From insurance claims to lawsuits, what you don’t have to lose when you hire a professional lifeguard

Planning Pool Parties
Everything from invitations to party favors and how to plan for everyone’s safety and fun in between

Supplementing Swim Lessons
Age-appropriate physical activities for toddlers and preschoolers that reinforce swimming skills

No Day At The Beach
Get the most enjoyment out of your beach vacation with family-friendly travel and beach safety tips

The Professional Lifeguard
Knowledge, skills, and capabilities that make lifeguards attractive hires for jobs in other industries

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