Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Learn to Swim!  While swim lessons are never a substitute for vigilant supervision, chances of drowning can be dramatically reduced by acquiring independent swimming skills.

Children learn best in environments that are safe, structured, and designated for the purpose of learning to swim.  Lessons should provide continuity of instruction and consistency of schedule, without interruptions due to inclement weather, travel, etc.  Children benefit from peer modeling when they are matched with others of similar age and ability in group swim lessons.  Private lessons can also be effective, particularly when tailored to meet a student’s particular capabilities and goals.

Backyard Lifeguards is working on a plan that would ensure all of these elements on private property, so that we may deliver swim instruction right in your home environment.  In the meantime, we offer links to several organizations that offer swim training.

These organizations provide an excellent customer service experience while offering
specialized instruction for the age groups, comfort levels, swim abilities, and interests listed.

Little Fishes Swim School
Ruth Zarren, Owner
Personalized and nurturing small-group instruction rear-round for children ages 6 months to 5 years

Clayton Shaw Park Tideriders
Priscilla Zenk, Administrative Director
Stroke development for swimmers at least 5 years of age and able to swim 25 yards independently
Competitive training opportunities at multiple area locations for swimmers ages 5 and older


The American Red Cross has outlined critical development stages and milestone achievements toward independent swimming.  Ideal lessons include equal amounts of challenge and support to foster skill development and build endurance and confidence.  Safety topics should be an integral part of any class, so that children gain respect for the powerful properties of water, and learn to make safety-conscious choices (to help themselves and others) in and around aquatic environments.


Please note:  Children gain skill proficiency at different rates.  Months or years of practice may be necessary to reach swimming goals.
Breaks between lessons can result in skill regression, so Backyard Lifeguards suggests making swimming a regular physical activity.


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