Water 101

Take Water 101 and Educate Your Family and Friends

We teach the basics of pool safety, tailored to your home pool environment, so everyone can have fun and be safe in or around your water.

Water 101 Home Pool Safety Evaluation

Backyard Lifeguards will tour your pool area with you, mapping size, shape, depth, features, and available rescue equipment.   We will identify optimal observation spots and areas where swimmers may experience difficulty, so you can best supervise your pool when not engaging the services of a professional.   We’ll also help you complete a Home Pool Safety checklist and set goals for unchecked items.

Water 101 Home Pool Safety Presentation

This interactive 30-minute American Red Cross Home Pool Safety presentation is designed to engage the whole family as they learn to make safety-conscious choices around water.  It is appropriate for private pool owners, as well as for users of neighborhood and community pools where no lifeguard is present.  A packet of printed materials includes a laminated customized emergency phone script to be placed alongside the phone nearest the pool, tips for child safety, the American Red Cross Water Safety Handbook, onGuard card and lanyard, and recommendations for additional equipment and/or training.

All residents of the household should be present.  Homeowners may include up to eight participants, and we encourage inviting family members, caregivers, and other regular users of the pool.

Combination Package

So that all participants can benefit from both the safety information and our specialist’s observations, we recommend the evaluation and presentation be conducted together, especially for private pool owners.

  • Water 101 Home Pool Safety Evaluation
  • Water 101 American Red Cross Home Pool Safety Presentation
  • Priority scheduling for lifeguard services requested at least 2 weeks in advance

Combination Package Plus

This package includes all features listed above, plus:

  • FREE basic Party Package add-on each time two or more lifeguards are engaged
  • On-Site Critical Incident Debriefing*
*   In the event any person is transported to a hospital directly from your pool, or medically treated within 24 hours for a condition that may be the result of a swimming episode in your pool,
a BYLG water safety specialist will arrive to conduct safety checks and record information that could aid the homeowner in the event of subsequent litigation.


Home Pool Safety Evaluation and Presentation must be conducted during the same home visit appointment.
Lifeguard service discount eligible only for site evaluated and may not be transferred to any other location.