The Stand Newsletter
Professional lifeguards at a BYLG pre-season training event.

The Stand

The Stand is the newsletter of Backyard Lifeguards.  Its name both literally and figuratively represents our position on water safety.  At aquatic facilities, we maintain our stance from platforms that give us a view all swimmers, from the surface of the water to the bottom of the pool.  In our communities, we advocate for water safety based on the perspective we have gained from our years of work and depth of experience.  Every day, whether we get paid or not, we take a stand.

Each edition features an article based on research we have conducted on topics of interest to our customers, as well as lifeguard trivia and vocabulary.  Click on the links below to view past issues of The Stand that have been formatted for online reading.

Summer 2010
What Do You Have to Lose?
Can professional lifeguard services lower your risk of a host liability claim?  YES!