BYLG Sport Services

BYLG Sport is the competitive services division of Backyard Lifeguards.  BYLG Sport provides comprehensive and coordinated water safety plans to adventure races, triathlons, and open-water swimming competitions and training events.

Over the past decade, participation in open-water races and triathlons has grown exponentially.  Yet from novice athletes to veteran competitors, nearly all report some anxiety over the swim.  Open water has inherent dangers, and the swim portion of any race presents certain risks to all participants.

BYLG Sport’s specialized services for adventure races, triathlon swim planning, and open-water training swims can help event organizers understand these dangers and minimize risk to athletes.  BYLG Sport will ease the time and stress of race planning by securing qualified lifeguards in advance and by managing the swim safety requirements for the event.  Our goal is to create a great race experience for both producers and participants, and an event that people will want to participate in year after year.





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