Adventure Races

Adventure Races

Many obstacle adventure races have water features that require lifeguard supervision.  With the high rate of amateur participation, combined with the dark, dense, obscure water of many race obstacles, event directors may enjoy peace of mind when obstacles are attended by skilled lifeguards.  The overwhelming majority of adult rescues by BYLG Sport lifeguards have occurred during adventure and mud races.

BYLG Sport works with event directors to fit lifeguards into the established safety and emergency response plan.  Similar to the services offered for triathlons, BYLG Sport will provide:

  • Pre-race consultation with event organizers and EMS personnel
  • Recruitment and training of lifeguards qualified to serve the event site
  • Custom lifeguard positioning and rotation to maximize supervision for each unique event
  • Pre-event orientation for volunteers assigned to lifeguard-attended obstacles
  • Provision of personal lifeguard equipment to lifeguards and the event site
  • On-site coordination of lifeguarding operation
  • Post-event feedback and event de-briefing




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