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Our Staff

Backyard Lifeguards supplies only insured adult professional lifeguards that operate with all industry standard lifesaving equipment*.


Our experienced, professional lifeguards have excellent surveillance skills and proven emergency response capabilities. All of our lifeguards have experience working in educational and aquatic environments, and they all hold current American Red Cross certificates in:

  • Lifeguarding

  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • AED (Automated External Defibrillation)

  • BBP (Bloodborne Pathogens)


Many of our private lifeguards are professional educators in school districts throughout the St. Louis area. And in addition to those certifications listed above, many also hold American Red Cross certificates as:

  • Water Safety Instructors

  • Lifeguarding Instructors


Lifeguards and specialists are required to renew all certificates annually and demonstrate lifesaving skills as part of their ongoing, in-service training. All of our professional lifeguards are insured through Backyard Lifeguards and arrive at your location in professional attire. Since lifeguards depend on industry tools to carry out the full scope of their responsibilities, they also bring the same lifesaving equipment* that is found at a licensed aquatic facility.

* Due to the risk of combustion during travel, Backyard Lifeguards does not carry supplemental Oxygen.

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