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Aquatic Event Management

BYLG provides comprehensive and coordinated water safety plans for adventure races, triathlons, and open-water swimming competitions and training events.


From novice athletes to veteran competitors, nearly all report some anxiety over the swim. Open water has inherent dangers, and the swim portion of any race presents certain risks to all participants.

BYLG’s specialized services for adventure races, triathlon swim planning, and open-water swim training can help event organizers understand these dangers and minimize risk to athletes. BYLG will ease the time and stress of race planning by securing qualified lifeguards in advance and managing the event's swim safety requirements.  

BYLG is available to provide athlete orientations in preparation for open water events. These provide athletes with swim tips, course visualization, and an understanding of the event surveillance and lifeguard and volunteer response activities. Orientations have been shown to decrease anxiety of participants. 
The goal is to create a great race experience for both producers and participants, and an event that people will enjoy year after year.

Triathlon Swims

BYLG understands the unique needs of athletes for open-water swim events and is experienced at securing and managing lifeguards for triathlons.

Services include lifeguard recruitment, training, uniforms, equipment, assignment, pre-event orientation, event-day management, and post-event reporting and feedback.

In addition to all details of lifeguard operations, we offer course design, coordination with on-site EMS and safety personnel, and coordination of volunteers assigned to the water.

Professional Swimmer

More Services

Water Safety Training

BYLG provides all modules of American Red Cross lifeguard training and First Aid/CPR classes to swim clubs, camps, schools, and other small groups.

Private Lifeguard Services

Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety company offering portable professional lifeguard services to private locations and special events.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting assists aquatic facilities and agencies with lifeguard workforce development, including customized training to meet the organization’s specific needs.

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