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Contractual Lifeguard Training

BYLG offers customized, on-site, small-group lifeguard training to boutique aquatic facilities like country clubs, camps, and other private independently managed pools.

Lifeguard Training

With a host facility and a small group of at least four people, BYLG will provide a Lifeguarding Instructor and all equipment to train candidates to be certified American Red Cross lifeguards. 

Host organizations may select from Basic Lifeguarding or Shallow Water Lifeguarding, and may include Waterpark Skills and/or Waterfront Skills.

Candidates must be at least 15 years of age and complete the participation waiver and online course AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to in-water skill sessions.

Estimated course time is 8 hours for the online portion and 12-16 hours for the in-person skills portion, depending on the size of the group and size of the facility.

During the first skill session, candidates must successfully demonstrate the following:

  • 300-yard continuous prone position (freestyle or breaststroke) swim without stopping or struggling

  • Two minutes of treading water without using the arms or hands

  • Swim 20 yards to retrieve a 10-lb. brick from a depth of 7’ or more and swim on back with face out of water back to the starting point in under 90 seconds

Prerequisite skills may be slightly different depending on the certificate sought.

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