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Water Safety Training

Backyard Lifeguards is an authorized provider of American Red Cross training programs including First Aid and CPR/AED.

Family & Kids

Lifeguard Training

First Aid & CPR

Family & Kids

Backyard Lifeguards offers a variety of water safety programs for homes, schools, and businesses that can be taught in the water or on dry land. Our water safety training and education programs are brought right to your location, and are customized for the age and interests of each audience. Topics include drowning prevention, helping others, pool party planning, pool party host liability, and more.

Aquatic courses are available year-round. Non-aquatic courses are available from September through November and from January through March.

Home Pool Evaluation

Backyard Lifeguards will tour your pool area with you, mapping size, shape, depth, features, and available rescue equipment.


We will identify optimal observation spots and areas where swimmers may experience difficulty, so you can best supervise your pool when not engaging the services of a professional.


We’ll also help you complete a Home Pool Safety checklist and set goals for unchecked items.

Pool Ladder


Combination Package

So that all participants can benefit from both the safety information and our specialist’s observations, we recommend the evaluation and presentation be conducted together, especially for private pool owners.

A great program for homeowners with a recently purchased pool, or new parents in a home with a pool.

  • Home Pool Safety Evaluation

  • American Red Cross Home Pool Safety Presentation

  • Priority scheduling for lifeguard services requested at least 2 weeks in advance

Combination Package Plus

This package includes all features listed above, plus On-Site Critical Incident Debriefing*

*In the event any person is transported to a hospital directly from your pool, or medically treated within 24 hours for a condition that may be the result of a swimming episode in your pool, a BYLG water safety specialist will arrive to conduct safety checks and record information that could aid the homeowner in the event of subsequent litigation.


  • Home Pool Safety Evaluation and Presentation must be conducted during the same home visit appointment.

  • Lifeguard service priority scheduling only for site evaluated and not transferable to any other location.

More Services

Private Lifeguard Services

Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety company offering portable professional lifeguard services to private locations and special events.

Aquatic Event Management

Aquatic Event Management serves open-water events such as training swims and triathlons. Services include swim course design and oversight, and lifeguard operations, from recruitment to assignment.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting assists aquatic facilities and agencies with lifeguard workforce development, including customized training to meet the organization’s specific needs.

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