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Fun in the Pool



Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety company offering portable professional lifeguard services to private locations and special events.


Private Lifeguard Services

If you’re planning a pool party where guests will be enjoying your home pool, or hosting an event where adults will be socializing or have their attention distracted from the pool, it may be appropriate to engage professional lifeguard services. Hiring a personal, private lifeguard for your pool party helps put parents’ and guests’ minds at ease and makes your party safe and enjoyable for everyone—especially the host.


We provide insured, adult, highly qualified, certified lifeguards with experience working with children and adults in educational and aquatic environments. Your private lifeguards will arrive 30 minutes before swimming is scheduled to begin. They will perform a site survey, set up equipment, review pool rules and emergency action plan, and evaluate each child’s swimming skills. Required safety and rescue equipment will be provided.

Our professional lifeguard services require a 2-hour minimum booking. The time contracted is for lifeguard supervision of the pool, incllcuding orientation and youth skills assessment. Additional time for site inspection, set-up, and post-event clean-up is included at no additional charge. Contract includes professional and prompt staff, EMS-grade lifesaving equipment, youth safety gear, insurance, and transportation to and from the event site.

Pool Party

Hiring a personal, private lifeguard for your pool party helps put parents’ and guests’ minds at ease and makes your party safe and enjoyable for everyone — especially the host.

Planning a pool party? We have a convenient safety solution for hosts supervising children in or near water.

Water is fun but inherently dangerous. Ensure dedicated uninterrupted supervision by hiring a lifeguard.

We provide insured, equipped, uniformed adult lifeguards to arrive 30 minutes before the swim start time. They will evaluate the site, place rescue equipment, review the contract, answer any questions, and assess swimming ability of guests. Then everyone – including the host – can have fun!


Aquatic Event Management

BYLG provides comprehensive and coordinated water safety plans for adventure races, triathlons, and open-water swimming competitions and training events.

From novice athletes to veteran competitors, nearly all report some anxiety over the swim. Open water has inherent dangers, and the swim portion of any race presents certain risks to all participants.

BYLG's specialized services for adventure races, triathlon swim planning, and open-water swim training can help event organizers understand these dangers and minimize risk to athletes.  BYLG will ease the time and stress of race planning by securing qualified lifeguards in advance and managing the event's swim safety requirements.  

BYLG is available to provide athlete orientations in preparation for open water events. These provide athletes with swim tips, course visualization, and an understanding of the event surveillance and lifeguard and volunteer response activities. Orientations have been shown to decrease anxiety of participants. 

The goal is to create a great race experience for both producers and participants, and an event that people will enjoy year after year. 

Triathlon Swims

BYLG understands the unique needs of athletes for open-water swim events and is experienced at securing and managing lifeguards for triathlons.

Services include lifeguard recruitment, training, uniforms, equipment, assignment, pre-event orientation, event-day management, and post-event reporting and feedback.

In addition to all details of lifeguard operations, we offer course design, coordination with on-site EMS and safety personnel, and coordination of volunteers assigned to the water.

Professional Swimmer


Water Safety Training

Backyard Lifeguards is an authorized provider of American Red Cross training programs including Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR/AED, and more.

Each class includes an online session to be completed before a skill session conducted at the host location. Students that successfully complete both the online and skill portions will receive an American Red Cross certificate valid for two years.


Course length and fees included after each course description. Minimum six per class.

Contractual Lifeguard Training

BYLG offers customized, on-site, small-group lifeguard training to boutique aquatic facilities like country clubs, camps, and other private independently managed pools.

With a host facility and a small group of at least four people, BYLG will provide a Lifeguarding Instructor and all equipment to train candidates to be certified American Red Cross lifeguards. 

Host organizations may select from Basic Lifeguarding or Shallow Water Lifeguarding, and may include Waterpark Skills and/or Waterfront Skills.

LG Training 9.JPG


Organizational Consulting

Lifeguarding is an important job, and often a first employment opportunity.  Managing teen workers and young professionals brings many rewards, and many challenges. Lifeguards and leaders (and their families) need tools to meet many of these experiences for the first time.  From onboarding to leadership training, Backyard Lifeguards offers training for new and veteran staff.


Topics include Parent Orientation to Lifeguarding, Workplace Harassment Training for Teens, Resolving Conflicts with Co-Workers and Customers, Critical Incident Debriefing, and Lifeguard Leadership 101.

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