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Lifeguard Review

BYLG offers customized, on-site, small-group lifeguard training to boutique aquatic facilities like country clubs, camps, and other private independently managed pools.

Lifeguard Review

BYLG offers customized, on-site, group lifeguard training to boutique aquatic facilities like country clubs and other private independently managed pools.  

Options to include in the program are pre-season training, in-service training, and on-site observations of lifeguards on duty.

Small facilities that need to update or re-certify their lifeguards may contract with Club BYLG for any or all parts of the program, including:

Pre-Service Training

Gather your group on one weekend day or two weekday evenings for pre-service training. A certified Lifeguarding Instructor will conduct a thorough review of all lifeguarding skills at the facility. Topics will be customized to include site-specific emergency protocol and team-building activities to create a unified and ready summer staff.

This pre-service training meets all requirements of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Review course, the only option available to lifeguards seeking re-certification. All participants must be currently certified American Red Cross lifeguards.

In-Service Training

Regular practice of critical skills improves the chance for a positive outcome when a lifeguard responds to a major emergency. Monthly, the BYLG Lifeguarding Instructor assigned to your club will conduct a two-hour in-service training session for all lifeguards. Topics to be selected by BYLG and club management based on the needs of the facility and/or staff.

On-Duty Evaluations

Over the season, BYLG instructor staff will make three visits to the facility to inspect lifeguards as they perform regular duties. Lifeguards will be evaluated for professional appearance, readiness, water surveillance, rotation and signaling, and communication with staff and patrons.  BYLG will provide management with a written checklist detailing these observations.

BYLG is an Authorized Provider of American Red Cross training programs. Components of the BYLG program may be purchased a-la-carte or as a season package. Price guide based on group size available upon request.

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