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Portable Professional Lifeguard Services

Backyard Lifeguards is an authorized provider of American Red Cross lifeguarding and training services. The company serves private locations and special events, including backyard and hotel swimming pools and natural water sites used for sport and social events, when and where lifeguards are not normally stationed.


of child drownings occur in swimming pools


of accidents are in a pool owned by the victim's immediate family.


of children who drown at home are not expected to be near the pool.


of parents admit to doing other things while supervising children swimming.


Backyard Lifeguards is an aquatic safety and private professional lifeguarding company serving residential pools, schools, camps, and aquatic sporting events. Backyard Lifeguards delivers customized water safety education and provides portable professional lifeguard services in and around the St. Louis area.


Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety company offering portable professional lifeguard services to private locations and special events.


Water Safety Training provides all modules of American Red Cross lifeguard training and First Aid/CPR classes to swim clubs, camps, schools, and other small groups.

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Aquatic Event Management serves open-water events such as training swims and triathlons. Services include swim course design and oversight, and lifeguard operations, from recruitment to assignment.


Organizational Consulting assists aquatic facilities and agencies with lifeguard workforce development, including customized training to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Events We Service


Pool Party

Play Date

School or Scout Group

Aquatic Training Course


Youth Swim Event

Youth Non-Swim Event

Adult Training Swim

Adult Competition Swim

Adult Adventure Race



Open-Water Swims

Adventure Racing

Obstacle Courses


Lifeguard Training

Water Safety Instructor

Home Pool Safety

Scout Badge/Patch

First Aid & CPR/AED


Book an Event

We provide insured, equipped, uniformed adult lifeguards to arrive 30 minutes before the swim start time. They will evaluate the site, place rescue equipment, review the contract, answer any questions, and assess swimming ability of guests. Then everyone–including the host–can have fun!

Backyard Kiddie Pool

Private Lifeguard Services

Pool Parties

Play Dates

Hotel Events

Lake Events


Water Safety

Home Pool Safety

Scout Badge/Patch

School Presentations

First Aid & CPR

Water Safety Training

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Review

In-Service Training

Lifeguard Instructor



Triathlon Swims

Open Water Swims

Adventure Races

Organizational Consulting

Expert Testimony

Incident Debriefing

Parent Orientation

Harassment Training

Lifeguard Leadership


Water Safety Training

Backyard Lifeguards offers a variety of water safety programs for homes, schools and businesses that can be taught in the water or on dry land. Our water safety training and education programs are brought right to your location and are customized for the age and interests of each audience. 

Round Garden Pool

Backyard Lifeguards will identify optimal observation spots and areas where swimmers may experience difficulty, so you can best supervise your pool when not engaging the services of a professional.

Birthday Pool Party

We teach the basics of pool safety, tailored to your home pool environment, so everyone can have fun and be safe in or around your water.

Fun in the Pool

Club BYLG offers a variety of water safety and aquatic skills programs to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. Ideal group size is 6-12 Scouts.

Learning is Fun

This interactive 30-minute American Red Cross Home Pool Safety presentation is designed to engage the whole family as they learn to make safety-conscious choices around water.

LG Training 1.JPG

Contractual Lifeguard Training

With a host facility and a small group of at least four people, BYLG will provide a Lifeguarding Instructor and all equipment to train candidates to be certified American Red Cross lifeguards. 

BYLG offers customized, on-site, small-group lifeguard training to boutique aquatic facilities like country clubs, camps, and other private independently managed pools.

BYLG offers group training for individuals aiming to become American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructors. Host facilities may contact Backyard Lifeguards to set up a full 24-hour course.

Certified and need to update or renew? With a host facility and a group of at least four people, BYLG provides an Instructor and equipment to renew American Red Cross lifeguard certificates.

Any current Lifeguarding Instructor wishing to maintain LGI certification must complete BOTH an online update and an in-person LGI Review course every two years.

Blue Water

Monty H.


"My guests were incredibly impressed. People were free to enjoy themselves. The lifeguard was professional in every way."
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