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Image by Wesley Tingey

What we do

Backyard Lifeguards is a full-service aquatic safety company offering portable professional lifeguard services to private locations and special events.  Designed for home pools and their owner families, Backyard Lifeguards delivers customized on-site pool assessments and water safety education, and is the only provider of insured, equipped adult lifeguards services in the St. Louis area. 


Until Backyard Lifeguards, home pool owners struggled to get vital site-specific safety information, training, and services.  Pool maintenance companies, local parks and recreation departments, and non-profit agencies were not interested, available, nor properly positioned to provide these to a metro area with more than 20,000 home pools and spas.


Statistics show that pool drowning occurs most frequently—a whopping 80% of the time—on private property.  Protect your home and loved ones.  Hire a lifeguard!

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